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Christmas Fruit Cake – Plum Cake – Alcohol-free

plum cake

Christmas is here and it will never be complete without the delicious and moist Christmas Fruit Cake. This is a non-alcoholic recipe and its so easy to bake that you needn’t wait for days to bake this. With just the basic ingredients you can easily bake this at home, as and when required. Here I have [...]

Adhirasam – Diwali Sweets


Adhirasam – The most popular and traditional sweet of South India. One can feel the aroma of Adhirasam emanating from almost all the kitchens during Diwali. Making Adhirasam is not so tough as most of us think. By just getting the right consistency of the syrup, one can make soft tasty Adhirasams that would melt [...]

Cashew Nut Praline – Cashew Nut Chikki

cashewnut praline

Cashew Nut recipes are usually considered to be very rich and tasty. Undoubtedly this cashew nut praline  is very tatsy and crispy too… Usually pralines are used in most cakes to decorate as well as to enhance the flavor. This Cashew Nut Praline is a quick recipe but one has to be more careful while [...]

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