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Bread Halwa – Diwali Sweets

bread halwa

Sweets hold a special and important place in Indian cuisine and its not always easy to make one at home. But the Bread halwa is a simple yet very tasty sweet. Halwas are often tough to make, you need to check the consistency, color, taste and etc…The bread halwa is extremely easy to make that even beginners will find it simple. If you love Gulab Jamuns then this Bread Halwa will not disappoint you. Its a famous sweet that always secures a place in almost all the Muslim functions.

Easy Mullu Murukku – Diwali Savory Recipe

easy mullu murukku

Murukku is one of the most commonly prepared savory snack for Diwali along with other common sweets like Laddus, Badusha, Jangiri, Jilebi and so on. As the name suggests, this murukku is very easy to prepare and tastes really good. With a very few ingredients this Easy Mullu Murukku can be preapared in just 20 minutes.

Paneer Capsicum curry with Cream

paneer capsicum curry with cream

Paneer, paneer and more paneer, one can never get bored with it. There are endless number of curries we can make with this wonderful ingredient and the Paneer capsicum curry with cream is a rich and spicy curry that is easy to make. Paneer and capsicum is a lovely combination with the flavor of each complimenting one another to give a wonderful dish. The curry goes well with rotis, dosas, pulavs and even bread.

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