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Adhirasam – Diwali Sweets


Adhirasam – The most popular and traditional sweet of South India. One can feel the aroma of Adhirasam emanating from almost all the kitchens during Diwali. Making Adhirasam is not so tough as most of us think. By just getting the right consistency of the syrup, one can make soft tasty Adhirasams that would melt in your mouth. Made from rice flour and jaggery, this Special sweet can be stored for weeks.

Jalebi – Diwali Sweets


Jalebi – a sweet thats loved by all – young and old. Make your kids birthday party or any other occasion more special with this easy Jalebi recipe. With few simple ingredients, these Jalebis would be a perfect dessert for your Diwali feast. Try this recipe at home and I’m sure that this mouth watering, melt-in-the-mouth sweet would soon become a favorite and most wanted one of your loved ones for every occasion.

Easy Murukku – Diwali Savory Recipe

easy murukku

Murukkus and Athirasams are the most commonly prepared dishes for Diwali in South India along with other sweets like Laddus, Badusha, Jangiri, and so on. As the name suggests, this murukku is very easy to prepare and tastes really good. With a very few ingredients this Easy Crispy Murukku can be prepared in just 20 minutes. I learnt this quick and easy recipe from my friend, who makes these murukkus often for her kids. Not only kids even grown ups would love these crispy murukkus. Serve with tea or coffee to munch while watching TV with family and friends on a  rainy evening.

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