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Nutty layer sponge cake

nutty layer sponge cake

Soft and moist, this nutty layer sponge cake will be an instant hit at your home. Its a delightful variation to the regular sponge cakes. Be it a party or just a simple family get-together, this  cake will never let you down. Glazed with citrus icing and layered with cinnamon flavored nuts, its a tempting cake [...]

Mughalai Peas Potato Curry

Mughalai Peas Potato Curry

Potato curries are usually easy to cook and tasty to eat. But this Mughalai Peas Potato Curry is sooo yummy that you’ll love having it with rotis, poori, chapathi, parota or even dosa. I have cooked this curry many times and it has tasted equally good with roti and dosa. Exhibit your culinary skills by [...]

Banana MilkShake

Banana Milkshake

Bananas are good for health and so is milk. Just imagine the goodness they will provide when combined together. Kids who doesn’t like milk will also love this yummy Banana Milkshake. It is a perfect drink to refresh your kids who come home tired and exhausted from school. This tasty and healthy Banana milkshake is [...]

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